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I take play seriously. Pleasure, meaning, engagement, and flow are your birthright. Using humor, yoga, neuroscience-based coaching and positive psychology, let's optimize your experience in this wild and precious life.

There is wisdom in stress

I know something about anxiety. When I emerged from my math/ philosophy/ pre-med degree, I was a heady high performer who suffered from “analysis paralysis.” I felt chronically unsafe in my body; it interfered with my ability to socialize, travel, and keep commitments. Later I struggled with panic attacks and, by my mid-20’s, mysterious health issues: tingly fingers, dry mouth, waking up in the middle of the night with “oxygen hunger”, daytime shortness of breath, debilitating fatigue that worsened with exercise, feeling like my throat was closing up, etc.

I sought out conventional providers, naturopaths, therapy, body workers, all sorts of health care providers and finally I confronted myself --- “Dayna, are you doing everything you can to heal?” The answer was No. So I got to work.

Some quiet voice inside me felt drawn to a bottom-up approach, beginning with nutrition. I began a dietary protocol intended to support balanced mood, soothe my anxiety, and eliminate common triggers. Diet was something I could control and feel empowered about. I read books, and believe in bibliotherapy. I leaned into my yoga practices, prioritized sleep, hydration, and other fundamental self-care for brain health.

I understand at a deep, physiological level the way that stress can live in the body. 

Now - I’m happy to say - I’ve lost about 30lbs and have kept it off for a decade, and am now panic attack-free. I healed my anxiety without meds, and beyond all my education, this is the qualification I’m most proud of. 

If this story resonates with you, trust that intuition.  
Well-being is more than physical health and even in difficult circumstances, a higher level of well-being is available for you. I can’t wait to meet you.

Are you doing everything you can to heal? 

Master of Arts (M.A.), Integrative Health & Well-being Coaching

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Mathematics & Philosophy

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

C-iayt certified yoga

trained in women's functional
 & integrative health with aviva romm md 

Trained in Mind-body Medicine and food as medicine

"I am large, I contain multitudes.” -Walt Whitman 

Using mind-body medicine and an inquiry-based approach, I look for what’s right with you: your strengths, what makes sense about your body’s stress response, what values you’re going to bat for, and what world you want to create.
Using neuroscience-based, experiential practices, lifestyle, biblio-resources and your own wisdom of what nourishes you, you will cultivate a more resilient mind and body. 
You will become the primary care provider in your life. 

If you are gracious enough to invite me into your journey, I will hold your highest potential in mind, create a safe & present space, and communicate authentically. I commit to practicing my own self-awareness and growth as we work together.

Health is, for me, an art form.

Let's get to know each other...


Man's search for himself by rollo may, The Lord of the Rings (again),
Beyond Good and Evil by nietzsche (again), a whole bunch of coaching books,
anything by alan watts

Cedar-plank salmon, dark chocolate, and kombucha

Everything. Lately.. Chopin, shostakovich, most 2nd movements, 
Billie Eilish, Carla Bruni, olivia rodrigo, and t-swift of course


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