With Dayna Yvonne Jondal, M.A., NBC-HWC, RYT-500

Integrative Health 
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This is a home for high-performers who want to free themselves from old habits, transform anxiety into creativity, celebrate their bodies, and live their most authentic lives.

Meet Dayna

Dayna Jondal, M.A., NBC-HWC, RYT-500 is a well-being and resilience coach for free spirits who want to create health, know themselves deeply, and find agency in their own lives. In her work, she helps people think integratively and holistically, overcome self-deception, and confront the doubts and concerns that get in the way of living from love. Dayna challenges clients to communicate more honestly with those around them, stop making fear-based decisions, and achieve goals that are personally meaningful. Dayna understands human health as a microcosm of planetary health and encourages conscious consumerism. She regularly donates to the Ocean Clean - Up. 

More of my journey

Master of Arts (M.A.), Integrative Health & Well-being Coaching

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Mathematics & Philosophy

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

RYT-500 Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga

Trained in Mind-body Medicine

Coach | Educator | YOGI | Noir Humorist | Salon Hostess | Rad violist 

Free Yourself by Changing Your Self-Talk

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Become a co-creator with the universe.

doubtful to trusting and increased confidence 

disempowered to having skills, options and choices

weighed down/ stuck to feeling more free and resourceful


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Client Love

"I wish I had discovered Dayna and Resiliency coaching sooner! I strongly recommend a chat with Dayna to assess your needs as she is so professional and technically proficient, she tailors her approach to what you need to gain the maximum benefits from her mentorship. I quickly got my self-confidence back, hired into a great job, and my personal relationships are stronger.”