Coach Skill-building  & Mentorship Group

Longing for a safe, brave space to up-level your coaching skills? Join our community for a weekly practice group where we fishbowl coach and deep-dive into Coaching Core Competencies! 

This is a home for coaches dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. 

Are you longing for real-time Coaching practice, feedback, and community?

While I've offered 1:1 Coach Mentorship for some time, this group answers the need for collective learning, growth, and development with a group of peers. We will engage in a variety of activities to grow in self-awareness, reflect on our role as coaches, read innovative books in the Coaching field, and practice skill-building to increase effectiveness and confidence. 

This intimate group will be limited to 10 people. We will meet on Thursdays from 6pm- 7:30 CST.
Join us starting January 5th!

weekly live sessions

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What to Expect

6+ hours of live time with me each month: 90- minute weekly calls from Jan 5th - March 30th in a small, intimate group 

Access to a private community where you can share wins, ask questions, and connect with peers between sessions 

January - March will deep dive into Positive Psychology and Resilience. As a mentor, I am passionate about Coaching Presence, mind-body skills, and compassionate communication. Future topics (based on group desire) will change monthly but may include reflections, MI, AI, appreciative inquiry and more! 

Receive real-time, 1:1 feedback on your Coaching skills

2 Open "Office Hours/ Q&A" plus informal Mentorship / consultation on business practices, systems and resources

Discounts on private sessions to deepen learning 

What's Included:

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In group coach mentorship, we will read books & practice skills together to collectively grow and evolve.

$875 for 3 months
$295 pay monthly

"I’m in Coach Skill-building Group now and LOVE it!!!! This group has been helpful, personalized and enjoyable. I really appreciate Dayna’s coaching style and insights. I like the small class size, LOVE the books recommended, materials, and manageable work load. I really enjoyed practice coaching and now I have more coaching tools in my toolbox! Highly recommend!" 

"What makes Coach Skill-building Group so valuable is the small group setting. Being able to have Dayna’s eyes and ears on what we're doing. The practice time. 

If you really want to hone your skills and use a more whole body approach, not just all in the mind, but really adding in the spirit and heart, this is a great coaching group to learn more techniques that can get better results for your clients. 
Since participating in this group, my clients are more self-aware and feel heard. I have increased confidence, and improved personal health. I also have a better understanding of the coach process and where my growth edges are. 
I also loved the office hour! It was a nice addition and very helpful!"

"Dayna thank you for all the invaluable material you have shared with us! I love that you got me to physically reading a book again and made me more aware of my feelings with my clients. I have been using these tools with my clients and I can see how they like it too. The most valuable part of SBG is listening to others do the practice and get their feedback. We learn so much from doing, watching and your guidance in new skills. I am enjoying every minute of this. Thank you!"

what participants are saying

-Elena, holistic health coach, los angeles CA

-Jen B, Beauty Educator and Coach, Florida 

-Elizabeth, Pilates Instructor and Health Coach, San Antonio TX 

-KA, Coach

"WOW - The value of the interactive coaching practice far exceeded my expectations. The balance you struck between educating, mentoring and coaching was FANTASTIC! Each week ended with a beautiful party of notes that I relished in. I couldn't wait to carve out time to ingest the readings and indulge in the recommended videos (sometimes over and over).

If you join this group, the value of your dedication, energy and time will yield a thousand times in return! Better than 2-for-1: It's a professional development investment that not only has a phenomenal professional return, but an even bigger personal return! I feel like I joined to enhance my work and in three months I left with a whole new way of living. I love it!!!"


What are your credentials? 

I have a B.A. in math and philosophy and a Master of Arts degree in Integrative Health & Well-being Coaching from the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing, where I studied under Karen Lawson, a co-founder of the National Board (NBHWC). I am a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). My initial coaching jobs involved working with clients on weight loss and self-management of autoimmune conditions. I later worked at Mayo Clinic's Healthy Living Program as a Resilience Specialist, where I became interested in stress resilience and optimizing mindset for health and healing.  I currently work with a women's health clinic part- time and have trained other coaches through organizations such as Emory University and Mindbodygreen. I have had multiple additional trainings, such as:
  • Kripalu School for Yoga and Health, C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist). Other yoga trainings in Yin, Functional Yoga Therapy, etc. and Training in Food as Medicine and Advanced Mind-Body Medicine, CMBM
  • Functional Nutrition Courses such as Intro to Functional Medicine, Nutritional Biochemistry, Whole Food Nutrition and Supplementation, Evidence-based Nutrition from University of Western States 
  • I took Aviva Romm's Integrative and Functional Professional Training course in women's health.
I continue to train with inspiring mentors in the Coaching field.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, the payment plan is $295/ month.


What if I can't make all the sessions?

No problem! While this is a group focused on live engagement, I will be recording the sessions if you need to miss one or two.


Is this only for health coaches?

My training and certification is in health & wellness coaching, but the core competencies overlap with ICF and many other coach training programs. It's for anyone who wants to practice those competencies and increase mastery of those skills :)


Will you be offering Group Mentorship again in the future?

The intention is for this to be an on-going membership to support your growth as a coach for as long as you like. You will be locked into your monthly rate. The current cohort is scheduled October 5th to December 15th. To support cohort learning, I plan to open the group up to new members about every 3 to 6 months. New members can join in January 2023. If you would like to stay abreast of future cohorts, please contact me.


Is this business coaching?

No, it's not. I am an open book regarding the resources, processes, software and systems that have helped me build my own LLC, and there are open "Office Hours" where you are very welcome to bring questions and challenges you are facing in your life and business, but I am not an expert in business and marketing. I do include a module which has some legal and business resources for coaches, but if you want concentrated help building your business, you might consider hiring a business coach or taking a course specifically focused on those needs. Our primary focus in this group is coaching skill-development and mastery.


Confidence in coaching comes from practice.

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